Instantly prepare your ERB templates for translation!

Try the demo below:




Finally it's time to internationalize your Ruby on Rails or Sinatra web application. That's when you realize that you have to painstakingly go through every ERB template, replace every single string literal with a translation helper, and move the original text into a YAML locale file.

No more. Textractor parses ERB templates, converts text into t() calls and generates the YAML locale file.

We automatically recognize string interpolation, so

There are <%= @posts.count %> posts


<%= t('there_are_posts_count', posts_count: @posts.count) %>

and your YAML file will contain

there_are_posts_count: There are %{posts_count} posts.

This means you're all set for languages with a different word order than your own.

We also support the most common Rails helpers, so

<%= link_to 'posts overview', posts_url %>


<%= link_to t('posts_overview'), posts_url %>

If you frequently use other helpers, just let us know, and we'll be happy to add support for those.

The keys in your YAML file are based on the paths of your templates. For example, the string literal Posts overview in app/views/posts/index.html.erb would have the key: posts.index.posts_overview

SLIM/HAML support coming soon.